Jimmy Penland Builder of the Year 2023

photo of WNC Builder of the year 2023 Jimmy Penland. White middle-aged male with beard wearing gray suit and black button up shirt.

Jimmy isn’t the loudest in the room, but he is always there. He is one that doesn’t stay complacent, but is always looking for ways to improve his business and our organization. Supportive to staff and membership alike, the BABRM knows we can always count on him. Serving on the Board of Directors for our Association, participating in events throughout the year, creating programs to assist in mentorship with fellow builders, and building some of Western North Carolina’s top homes are just a few things Jimmy contributes to the building community. Owner of Silver Dog Construction, Jimmy is Western North Carolina born and raised.

Learn more about Jimmy below, or introduce yourself to him at any event!

What’s your favorite thing about being a member?

 A couple of things comes to mind, one is the networking opportunities. It is very helpful for my business to be able to meet and build relationships with people in my own industry.  You get too talk shop with fellow general contractors, architects, vendors, real estate agents, bank administration, etc. which in return allows you the opportunity to learn different sides of our industry.

Second thing is pure and simple, it is “fun”!!!  The builder association are always having one to two events every month, anything from golf, cornhole, skeet shoots, baseball games, or just after hour meet ups.  I am always looking forward to this events to have some fun and be able to enjoy a day or a few hours off from work.

Photo of team at the 2022 Builders Association Golf Tournament. Left to right, young man with red beard in blue polo. Woman with golf skirt and collared shirt holding a golf trophy. Man in CAT ball cap, white polo shirt, and black shorts.

What’s your favorite event from the HBA?

I would have to say the golf tournaments.  I love to show up at those events, see some good friends, play some golf, have a few beers, and enjoy some good food, especially Wally’s pimento cheese bacon barbeque breakfast biscuits, amazing and the best way too start off your round of golf.

( Let it be noted that if the event in question has a theme, Jimmy will come dressed to the nines.)

What’s so special about being a Builder in WNC?

The opportunities to be able build custom homes in the  surroundings of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is nothing more satisfying to take a beautiful piece of land that this area offers,  a clients vision and house plan, and turning it to reality with a well built beautiful custom home.

Jimmy we very much appreciate your continued support of the Builders Association!