Congratulations to the 2018 AHBA Scholarship Recipients

The Asheville Home Builders Association is proud to award Scholarships to students who are currently attending a college or technical school and seniors in high school who have been accepted to a college or technical school preparing to study a construction related field. Applications were accepted during March and April then reviewed by the Scholarship Review Committee. This year’s Scholarship Recipients were honored at the AHBA After Hours at First Citizens Bank on Thursday, June 21. 


Sierra Bicking

Attending: Thomas Jefferson University
Studying: Masters in Sustainable Design
Scholarship Award: $1000

“My goal is simple: I want to learn as much as possible about responsible and renewable building practices, so I can begin working with professionals who are changing the future of building and design. I aim to transform myself into a resource for my community because I believe that a design’s impact reaches far beyond the building we spend our lives in. When sound, aesthetic, and efficient building make up the face of our neighborhoods, I believe their occupants are encouraged to spend more time outdoors, in shared spaces, making a better community together.”




Matthew Bryan

Attending: North Carolina State University
Studying: Architecture
Scholarship Award: $1000

“More so than other variables and regardless of architectural style, the size of individual houses directly affects the density of the larger built environment, and therefore warrants discussion as an issue of the public interest. Whether they are to integrate themselves into existing urban systems or touch lightly amongst the natural systems of rural context, houses should be sensitive to their surroundings and motivated by a larger strategy for achieving sustainability and affordability. As an architect, it is my intention to realize these ideas, and for my work to be built in service and long-term priorities.”



Jonathan Sluder

Attending: Western Carolina University in Fall 2018
Studying: Construction Management
Scholarship Award: $500

“I enjoyed making floor plans for rooms in drafting as well as building in my high school Carpentry class. I am interested in woodworking and carpentry, and I have taken part in some roofing in my carpentry class that has taught me skills with basic tools. I heard about the management behind it and it made me interested in pursuing a major in construction management.”


Zachery Whisenant

Attending: Western Carolina University
Studying: Construction Management
Scholarship Award: $500

“Although my degree focuses on the commercial side of the construction industry, there are still opportunities to positively affect the residential sector through building of apartment complexes, condos, and large-scale housing developments. I have always been more interested in the residential aspect of the construction industry because of the impact that you have on individual people and families. The satisfaction of building a home for someone is the reason that I plan on building homes when I become my own general contractor.”




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