Exterior Paint Color Ideas

“What color should I paint my home?” is one of the most common, yet most difficult questions to answer for homeowners. However, choosing the exterior paint color for your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. ACM Design is sharing some of their most popular custom home designs and highlighting the exterior paint selections for each. Selecting the right color can not only quickly boost your home’s curb appeal but it can also add value from a sales perspective. Take a look at some of ACM Design’s most popular home designs.

Modern Craftsman Style Home:

European Style Home:

Shingle Style Home:

How to Select Your Home’s Exterior Paint Color:

There are various factors that can come into play when determining an appropriate color palette for your home’s exterior. First, consult your HOA rules and regulations to determine if any requirements or approvals apply to your home color palette before you begin selections. The HOA architectural/design committee may have certain color schemes or parameters for you to choose from. If no HOA approvals apply, you can move forward with a wide array of exterior paint selections. Consider the architectural style of your home and choose an appropriate color for that style. Location is a factor as well. Color palettes for homes on the coast can vary greatly to those for mountain homes. Also consider your roofing, shutters, stonework, etc. to coordinate a paint palette for body and trim colors. Take into account your surroundings, such as wooded or open areas, as well as being aware of neighboring homes. Your exterior color palette can blend in with the neighborhood and surroundings, but you can add a pop of color for window sashes or trim, such as the red windows on our Mountain Craftsman Style home.

As a final note, don’t rely on paint chips to make your decision. Select a few choices and get actual samples painted on your home in larger sections, such as 2′ x 2′. Take time to look at the paint samples throughout the day to see how the colors vary with changing light before you make your final decision.


ACM Design is a small, collaborative design firm that specializes in custom residential design.  By integrating the disciplines of architecture, interior design and outdoor living design, we focus on creating an overall vision of home that reflects the individual personalities and priorities of our clients.

We have had the privilege of working with clients from all over the country who have chosen to make a home here in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  Over the years, our client base has expanded to serve families in other areas of North Carolina, upstate South Carolina and East Tennessee, all from our south Asheville studio.

For any successful project, collaboration is the key.  Our studio is comprised of a small team of talented individuals, each bringing a particular expertise and knowledge to every home project.  Simply put, our goal is to create well-designed homes that are comfortable and beautiful spaces in which to live –homes balanced with quality, longevity and environmental sensitivity.


Founder Amy Conner-Murphy, began ACM Design over a decade ago after relocating to Asheville with her family.

Architecture had always provided inspiration for Amy, but focus on work that was more personal in nature held even greater meaning.  After many years of nurturing the idea of designing homes that created that sense of place and belonging that she longed for herself, Amy made the move to do just that.

Drawing from her background with notable corporate and commercial architecture firms in Charlotte, NC and Dallas, TX, she began this small architectural studio with a challenging first project — to design a comfortable home with a limited budget for her own growing family.  In addition to design, she was on site every day managing the construction, and on occasion wielding her own hammer.

Since those early days, Amy has assembled a team of like-minded professionals, committed to excellence in design, quality, integrity, service and the ideal of — creating home.

When not designing homes, Amy enjoys family time with husband, Steve and daughters, Rebecca and Julia.  She nurtures her creative side by gardening, hiking, painting and soul collage.  Amy serves as Treasurer of AIA Asheville, as well as on the Education Committees of AIA North Carolina and Asheville Homebuilders Association.

Guest Article reprinted with permission by ACM Design, all rights and information provided by ACM Design for the use of the Asheville Home Builders Association.

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