Kensley Hendrix New Member of the Year 2022

Kensley joined us this year and immediately brought value to our association with her wonderful personality. After being a stay at home mom for over five years, she decided it was time to try something new. Her husband has been with Buchanan Construction for almost 7 years, and after seeing all the growth and opportunities he was given within the industry, she decided to pursue something in building as well. Her goal is to be involved with as many building related events, and projects that she can, to learn more about what this industry has to offer.

You will see Kensley volunteering at a variety of events, working on getting the Professional Women in Building on the go again, sitting on multiple committees, and winning membership recruitment efforts for our Builders Association.

With all she is involved in, it was an easy choice to select Kensley as the 2022 New Member of the Year. We look forward to having her around for many years to come. Get to know Kensley more below!

What’s your favorite thing about being a member?

The connections I am able to make in an organic way is really nice. Over this past year I have realized how amazing the building industry is, and a lot of that is because of being a member with the HBA.

What’s your favorite event from the HBA?

Casino Night was by far my favorite event. Being able to gamble (horribly) and network at the same time is definitely a win for me! I look forward to being able to attend this event again.

What’s so special about the Building Community in WNC?

Something I have noticed with our building community over others, is their willingness to support local small businesses, and encourage others to grow as an individual. {Really suites our “Do Business with a Member Motto”

What made you want to be a member? and What Value do you appreciate the most with it?

The opportunity to get to know more people in the building industry and be able to share what options the businesses I represent can offer to our local builders. Being a member of the HBA has shown extreme value, especially with being able to show what all the Airport Design Center has to offer and how all businesses can really help others, and work with all the builders in our community.

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