Nuts & Bolts –New Year, Newish Crew

There has been a lot going on in 2021 already, but we wanted to take a minute to introduce you all to some of the newer members of our team!

Bonnie Roberson our new Marketing/Communications Coordinator joined us back in October 2020 right before the Parade of Homes. While Jude DeVirgiliis, Membership Coordinator, has been involved in AHBA for awhile now, but was officially brought on full-time this year!

The AHBA Team at the 2020 Awards Gala: Jude, Megan, Bonnie, and Kelsey

Here is a little Q&A for you to get to know our newest team members a bit better!

What are your qualifications/history? 

BR: Prior to coming to AHBA I was the Art Director for a local business publication for 5 years. My background is in Graphic Design and general marketing, having working in marketing agencies regularly in the past. 

JD: I recently got by degree in Sustainable Technologies, I have certificates in Electrical Wiring, Photovoltaic Systems, and Building Instrumentation and Control. While a student I was the shop manager in the Sustainability Lab at AB-Tech, as well. 

Do you have any mentors in your professional life?

BR: I have a previous employer who is my main mentor. She owned her own design business for many years, while getting her MBA, so she is my go to for professional and personal advice. 

JD: I had a professor the last couple of years that really made an impact on me and has become a family figure. He runs a company out of Morganton but has been teaching at AB Tech for years. He’s someone I can always look to for sound advice.

What brought you to the Home Builders Association? 

BR: It was a new season in my life, and I was ready for another challenge. I had designed the 2019 Parade of Homes Magazine and was aware of the organization through that. Mostly I was excited to work with such an amazing team

JD: I started the student chapter of the homebuilders association in December 2019 and started networking with members and getting to know the AHBA staff. It ultimately led to me getting the position I have today.

What Events are you excited about most this coming year at AHBA?

BR: I’m really excited about the 2021 Parade. We learned a lot last year about new things we could do and I think it’s gonna be the biggest and best yet. 

JD: The Battle of the Builders tournament is usually my favorite event throughout the year. We have a big turnout from our members for that and getting to see everyone in a relaxed environment is a delight. 

Favorite thing about WNC or Asheville particularly.

BR: The outdoors. I love the hiking, paddling, biking, swimming that we can do in our area. It’s also great to get some snow every now and then. It’s just a gorgeous setting. 

JD: Community involvement is my favorite thing about Asheville. People very genuinely care about their community here and are typically very friendly to visitors and locals alike. It’s a small enough town that with enough time, you can eventually get to know almost everyone. 

Can you speak more than one language? Have a hidden talent? 

BR: I can understand some spanish, and speak some very rudimentarily. I’ve been known to dabble in artistic endeavors of all sorts.  

JD: I’d be willing to challenge anyone to a good foosball game. 

What three items would you take with you to a deserted island?

BR: A hatchet (I’m nothing if not practical) – A book (or series) – a tent (mosquitos love me)

JD: A firestarter, a hatchet, and a good book. 

Recent books/entertainment/hobbies keeping you occupied in quarantine?

BR: I recently read How to Be an Anti-Racist and it was amazing. I’ve also been playing some video games on my switch, and doing some puzzlin. 

JD: School kept me occupied for most of 2020, but I just graduated with a degree in Sustainability. I also enjoy reading books I’ve gathered from a few local stores and have slowly been learning to play guitar.

A home you liked from the 2020 Parade of Homes?

BR: This is a tough one. But I really liked number 11 by LMT – It just seems to best fit my family’s personalities.  

JD: The compact cottages were some of my favorites because they were just big enough, while still being affordable. 

Pets! Do you have any?

BR: My Doggo Zanya – who if you stop by the office will occasionally greet you at the door with excessive tail wagging. 

JD: In my house, there are three cats and one little dog. 

Jude’s dog, and one of his cats

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