Palladium Builders Inc is Hiring Full-Time Skilled Carpenters

Carpenter Job Duties

Interpreting and accommodating customers’ requests related to design, materials, and other technical issues.
Using rigging hardware and cranes to erect, install, and level building frameworks.
Measuring, shaping, and also cutting plastic, wood, fiberglass and other construction materials throughout the project.
Coordinating and directing construction workers and helpers.
Inspecting and evaluating construction materials for defects or damaged frameworks, fixtures and other structures.
Designing, building, and installing fixtures, structures, molding, windows, cabinets, and counters; as well as structural frameworks, doors, staircases, scaffoldings and other such construction structures.
Being familiar with both raw and pre-constructed materials.
Laying out roofing and drywalls, making sure that every item is leveled.
Demolishing and dismantling designated items.
Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $15.00 – $33.00 per hour

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