Paul Heathman of HomeTrust Bank

Learn more about AHBA Members in the monthly Nuts & Bolts – a fun Q & A that shows who our members are as professionals and people. In this edition we will learn about Paul Heathman of HomeTrust Bank. He has been with HomeTrust for three years and is grateful for friendships made as a result of the Asheville Homebuilder’s Association. Paul serves on the Parade of Homes Committee and also received the AHBA “Affiliate of the Year” Award for 2015.

– Name 3 things this group doesn’t know about, which of only 2 are true. Two Truths – One Lie

  1. Surfing is one of my favorite pastimes. There’s nothing quite like conquering a wave and harnessing its power.
  2. I love to travel. I’ve been to many foreign countries including Russia and Turkey.
  3. At one time I was ranked 5th in the nation in my age group by the USRA (United States Racquetball Association)

– What motivates you every day?
I’m motivated by a better way of life and a higher standard of living for myself, my family, and my community. The truth is I love people. I find each person to be unique and interesting. You’ll often hear me say that we’re all living in our own reality. It’s a fact. Until you know where someone is coming from you can’t appreciate their point of view. Whenever possible I make a point of doing this. It’s a great start to a meaningful relationship and that’s the trip I’m on.

– How do you plan to spend your Summer?
I’m proud to say that I’ve been camping four times already this year. I plan to triple that in the coming months. Whether I’m backpacking Forney Creek trail or Living out of my truck at the Hot Springs Campground I’m happy to be outside watching a little caveman TV (that’s sitting around a fire). In addition I’m always up for some great live music and in our area that’s easy to find.
– What is your favorite AHBA Event and why?
I believe that the Parade of Homes is the single most important thing we do as an organization and the end of the year Gala and awards ceremony is fun, great for networking, and the best opportunity we have to showcase WNC’s best in the industry.
– Your favorite shameless snack?
Some friends and I have a sort of hog farm cooperative set up in Haywood County. We get a hog from that and we salt cure and cold smoke the hams. Periodically pulling the ham off of the hanger and slicing off a bit of homemade country ham is as good as it gets.


Founded in 1926, HomeTrust Bank is headquartered in the vibrant, eclectic mountain city of Asheville, NC. We are a community-focused financial institution committed to providing value added relationship banking through our talented, service- focused people.

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