SouthLight Builders, Inc is Hiring a Framing Carpenter’s Assistant

The framing carpenter’s assistant will work with two or three other individuals including the lead framing carpenter to frame, and sheath primarily new construction projects. The framing crew is also responsible for installing siding and exterior trim, exterior painting, forming concrete slabs, installing insulation, as well as many other tasks as needed. The company does most of its work in-house and counts on its employees to be willing to do many different
things as jobs and schedules require.

The usual hours are 7:00-5:30 Monday-Thursday with occasional opportunities to work more as desired.

The average starting wage is $13-$17/ hour and the average wage after one year is $14-$20/ hour. See more details and benefits here.

SouthLight Builders has constructed high-quality energy-efficient homes in our area since 1979. The company offers a competitive wage and a comprehensive benefits package in hopes of attracting long term employees to join our team.

For more details and to apply, contact Andy Presley at 828.779.3202 or Jamie Shelton at 828.775.8665

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